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About Us

Fit Body By George Online was created because we want to provide people with proven real life information on weight loss. We are here to simply spread the CORRECT knowledge with everything regarding weight loss. There is simply too much misinformation out there poisoning people’s minds. We are here to clear that up.


The problem is everywhere from supplement companies that misrepresent the real science to bolster their sales. Reviewers are often paid by the same companies. Many doctors and the mainstream media routinely tweak the facts to produce sensationalist headlines. And there are too many “internet” gurus,who are out spreading lies and misinformation simply to sell products and make more money.


The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar market and it seems everyone is out here trying to make a quick buck selling the next BIG weight loss related diets or supplements and training plans. Usually providing solutions that are temporary which do not help the end customer after the training has completed.


It’s time to end this. You will ONLY find, REAL, PROVEN weight loss methods and strategies here. No B.S. No Lies.


We are here to teach YOU. So you can better your own life. Forever.

Let me help you lose weight. Ask me anything related to weight loss.

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