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Frequently Ask Questions

How to lose weight?

Here are the proven steps to lose weight:

  • Get yourself into an exercise program designed for weight loss. Not just training. If you can, get a personal trainer with a proven track record to build a program for you.


  • Get off the sugars. Both, simple and complex. If it tastes sweet, you should not eat or drink it! Now, this one is the hardest for most people, but this is the most important part of weight loss. The reason is that the only way you’ll be able to burn your own fat is when you have low to no insulin in your blood. And the only way to achieve it is to have no sugars in your blood.


  • Sleep! Do your best to sleep 8 hour per day if you can. Your body recovers and rebuilds itself when you sleep. It is extremely important to have a good recovery time every day!

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Are all calories created equal?

A calorie is a calorie.

Plain and Simple.

It is a measure of energy.

However, it makes huge difference where those calories come from. You can have 100 calories from chocolate cake, 100 calories from broccoli or 100 calories from wine.

Do you think they all have the same outcome?

The answer is a loud NO.

See, it’s not just about calories, it is about what that calorie comes with and how our body reacts to those calories.

Let’s look at the examples above.

First, chocolate cake, It has almost zero nutrients and minerals and has lots of sugar. It is very easy to digest and will spike your insulin levels through the roof. Therefore, putting your body into fat storing mode instead of fat burning mode which means you will get Fatter.

Second, we have broccoli. Full of nutrients and almost zero sugars. It keeps your insulin levels low and provide you with the needed nutrients and minerals for your body to function at its optimal level. Also, it is hard to digest and takes more calories from your body to do that. Therefore, helping you burn fat.

And last but not least is alcohol (wine)…. Click Here to Read The Rest

Will eating fat make you fat?

Eating any food in excess of your maintenance will make you gain fat. Fat is no exception. Especially, considering that fat has a high number of calories per gram. However, in small to moderate amounts of fat, and I am talking about healthy fat as in your wild salmon or organic steak, it’s not a problem.

It becomes a problem when it comes from processed foods or foods mixed with sugars. If you eat fat with sugars in one meal, like a donut for example, you will get fat.

Your body is using sugars to burn for energy if you need it and stores the fat in your fat cells. On top of that, trying to lose weight when you have sugar in your blood is a useless task. You will not burn your own body fat until all of your sugar reserves are depleted. So, eat your fats separately from sugars (and carbs) and stay away from any processed foods.

What is the best exercise for a six pack?

This question comes up all the time and the answer is very simple. None, everyone has a six pack but if your abs are covered with fat and you retain too much water under your skin, you will not see them!

It doesn’t matter what exercise you do. In order to get a six pack, you need to have low body fat and you do not lose belly fat by doing crunches!

You need to have a very strict meal plan that is designed to keep your blood sugar to a minimum. There are many different ways to do it, you need to find one that you can stick to and be consistent with.

Regardless of what diet you choose, it could be a keto diet, low carb diet or intermittent fasting diet. As long as you do it right, it will work. In terms of exercises, don’t get too complicated. Do everything. The more variety, the better!

The main principal is to stay in pain as much as you can. If your muscles hurt for a couple of days after training, you are doing it right and you will see results. Just be consistent!

Workout your entire body every session. The more muscle groups you work, the better your results will be.

Tips for crushing a good workout

If you want to have a great workout, here are some points to consider.

First, know exactly what you are going to do, have a plan.

There is no point to just do things. You need to have a clear goal that you are trying to achieve and have the exact plan to achieve it.

If you do not have enough knowledge to create a plan for yourself, I would highly recommend hiring a personal trainer with a proven track record. It will save you lots of frustrations, injuries and money in the long run.

You will also get much better and faster results.

Second, you need to be mentally present. When you train, the only thing on your mind should be training. We have a saying – “When you are in the gym, be in the gym”

Finally third, do not think about the outcome. Concentrate on the process. Results will be automatic, as long as you consistently do your part and do not quit. Remember, the results you get, will be in the exact proportion to the efforts you put in!

Nuts and weight loss

When I was growing up, we did not eat that many nuts. It was more like a rare treat. First, those days nuts were not so readily available and second, parents did not want their kids to gain extra weight.

In the last 10-20 years, the world has changed quite drastically. So has the average body weight of our population. Nuts have become so available, you can buy them at any store or any gas station all year round.

They are promoted by many as healthy snacks, as a good source of protein and fat with other health benefits. Even though, nuts in very small amounts are beneficial for your health, having them every day will not make you look like a model. As a matter of fact, nuts are used for bulking up in the bodybuilding world. And not just bulking up, it’s called “dirty bulking”.

Why dirty? Well, it’s because you will gain fat along with muscles.

Why do you gain fat eating nuts? Nuts contain both, fats and carbohydrates.

When you eat nuts, your body uses carbohydrates for energy and stores fat in your fat cells for use when your body in a fasted state. And that is why you want to stay away from nuts, if your goal is to lose weight.

How long does it take to really notice changes in your body?

In my experience, working with thousands of people over the past 30 years, it takes about three weeks of consistent efforts to see the first noticeable results in the mirror for most people.

However, some see results as fast as two weeks. It all depends on how strict you are with your nutrition, and how much you push yourself and some of your genetics.

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